The What's Poppin' List (w/e July 25)

Looking for something new to watch? Here are the top ten shows that people are loving on PopViewers.

1. The White Lotus (100%)

Anyone in the mood for a vacation? Directed by Mike White (Enlightened), this series follows the adventures of a group of various guests and employees at an exclusive Hawaiin resort over the span of one week. A dark satire of class in America, the show points at how the ultra-wealthy use and spit out underlings as a way of feeling secure in their privilege. (Did we mention what’s being called a career-best performance from Jennifer Coolidge?!?) With a 100% rating on the app, it’s clear that our PopViewers are checked in for this one and never want to leave!

Watch on HBO (Sundays at 9 pm ET)

2. Luca (100%)

Itching to travel, but can’t get to Italy? Pixar’s new movie, Luca, might just be your next best bet. Set alongside the Italian Riviera, the movie is a coming-of-age story about two friends who share one big secret in common- they’re actually sea monsters from another world. As they say in Italy, mamma mia! Pixar is famous for their top tier animated films with a deep emotional core and with Luca currently sitting with a 100% score on the app, it would seem as though the studio has done it yet again!

Watch on Disney+

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3. The Good Fight (100%)

Christine Baranski stars in this “The Good Wife” spinoff which is back for a fifth season! Typical to form, this seasonl covers all of the latest hot topics including COVID-19, the George Floyd murder, and the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Watch on Paramount+

4. Sweet Tooth (97%)

Based on a DC Comic, this post-apocalyptic fairytale has quickly become one of the buzziest series of the summer! The show is set in the near future after the world has been ravaged by a disease that’s wiped out much of the human population and turned a generation of children into what appears to be part human and part animal. The series follows one such boy, who now must survive in a world that fears these animal-human hybrids. We get that some viewers may be reluctant to start a series about a pandemic given what we’re all going through… but the show’s 94% rating on the app proves that this story cuts much deeper than that.

Watch on Netflix

5. Cruella (92%)

Hide your puppies, because Cruella is back in action! In this live-action villain origin story, Emma Stone stars as a young grifter named Estella who dreams of making a name for herself as a designer. Her life changes when she catches the attention of fashion legend, Baroness von Hellman (played by Emma Thompson). It is this relationship that inspires Estella to embrace her wicked side and become the evil Cruella de Vil we know her as today. According to our PopViewers, the film delivered campy chaos that they weren’t able to look away from.

Watch in theaters and on Disney+

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6. Mary J Blige’s My Life (92%)

Mary J. Blige’s trailblazing 1994 LP, “My Life,” propelled her from the NYC housing projects to international stardom. Now, 25 years later, the artist is performing the album live for the very first time. In this new documentary, Oscar-winning filmmaker Vanessa Roth follows the singer as she prepares for said performance. As Blige rehearses, she reveals the demons and blessings that inspired her to write this album. Oo baby, it’s going down and the PopViewers are HERE for it!

Watch on Amazon Prime Video

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7. Loki (92%)

Disney+ is continuing its streak of MCU live-action series with this spinoff starring Tom Hiddleston. After stealing the Tesseract during “Avengers: Endgame,” this alternate version of Loki (the God of Mischief) is brought to the Time Variance Authority and given a choice: either get erased from existence due to being a “time-variant” OR help fix the timeline. “Loki” has already been called Marvel’s most audacious spinoff yet, and with a 100% rating on the app, it appears as though our PopViewers are eating this one up!

Watch on Disney+

8. Gossip Girl (91%)

xoxo Gossip Girl! Everyone’s favorite anonymous dirt-dishing gossip is back, and this time they’re haunting Gen-Z-ers! Still set among a group of affluent teenagers on the Upper East Side, this reboot takes a more modern and inclusive approach to its storytelling. Naturally, many of the changes have to do with the ways in which the internet has evolved since the series first premiered in 2007. Will the show live up to the high-camp and absurdity of the original? So far, our PopViewers seem to think so!

Watch on HBO Max

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9. Summer of Soul…Or, When the Revolution Could Not Be Televised (90%)

Did you know that during the same summer as Woodstock, there was another major music festival which took place, was filmed, but never seen? Questlove makes his directorial debut with this documentary about The Harlem Cultural Festival. Over the span of six weeks, the festival attracted thousands of people and attracted artists like Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone, and Gladys Knight & the Pips and celebrated Black history, culture, and fashion. The film is a true testament to the power of music and community during times of unrest.

Watch in theaters and on Hulu

10. Physical (88%)

Toss on your leg warmers! In this series, Rose Byrne plays a 1980s housewife who is tormented by her inner demons. Things begin to change for her, however, after she discovers aerobics and she unlocks both a brand new industry and a completely new life. Critics have been mixed over this one, but our PopViewers have been loving it!

Watch on Apple TV+

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These are our PopViewer’s current top picks- but there is so much more content to discover on the app! Download PopViewers and make your voice heard on what should be included on next week’s list.