Wendy Williams The Movie (Disney)

Our PopViewers Stan Wendy Williams Biopic and Documentary


Wendy Williams is a CANDID queen and her biopic has alllll of the highs and the lows of her rise to fame. It’s crazy, it’s lit, it’s Lifetime at its finest.

Wendy is also an Executive Producer on the project. You know she’s the HBIC! And in classic Wendy fashion, she’s here to give you the candid take on everything she’s been through.

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And this talk-show queen has given us not one, but two Lifetime movies. One is a fictionalized biopic—Wendy Williams: The Movie—and the other is an entirely separate documentary, Wendy Williams: What A Mess. Would she be Wendy Williams if she wasn’t doing the most and blessing us with more than we could have ever known possible!? We are not worthy.

The documentary slaps and our PopViewers LOVED it. Some even liked it more than the movie!

This is a woman who is a hustler, who is very determined, who perseveres, and that’s what we do as black people. We persevere through the hard times. – Leeky Crowder TV

So if you’ve got 4 hours on a Sunday, treat yourself to a double feature dedicated to this daytime diva. You’re welcome 🙂