What to Watch This Weekend

We're not scared of lions and --dragons... and Hulks(?)... But we're scared of you missing this weekend's pipin' hot watch list! Here's what's poppin'!

House of Dragon

Watch on HBO Max

This highly-anticipated Game of Thrones prequel series swoops in, in a blaze of glory and of fire, detailing the story of the Targaryen civil war that precedes the happenings shown in ‘Game of Thrones’ by about 300 years.



Watch in theaters

He’s the King of the Jungle… But is there something more sinister behind that chilling roar? ???? Idris Elba stars in this tense, animalistic thriller that’s sure to make you break a sweat!


She-Hulk: Attorney At Law

Watch on Disney +

Disney and Marvel are at it again, and we are hype! This series follows Jennifer Walters, a young, passionate attorney, and cousin to Bruce Banner; inherits her cousin’s infamous strength after an emergency blood transfusion.


Bad Sisters (Watch on Apple TV+)

This dark Irish comedy series unfolds over two timelines, and there’s a mystery in each one: What happened to one of the sisters’ now deceased husband, and how, exactly, were the sisters involved? Can you keep a secret? Or better yet, can they?

Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers (Watch on Hulu)

Antoine Fugua passes us a 10-part docuseries, which documents the LA Lakers from the franchise’s beginnings to the present day. We get to see key players revived the team throughout its history, and a look at all of the behind-the-scenes, familial drama, in the wake of the passing of owner Jerry Buss.

Look Both Ways (Watch on Netflix)

We love an alt-universe, Riverdale storyline! On the night of her college graduation, Natalie links with a friend and sees her life split down two different paths. In one, she follows her artistic dreams to L.A.; in the other, she’s a mom-to-be and goes back to her hometown to raise a family. Which life will she choose?

This Fool (Watch on Hulu)

If you missed the series premiere of ‘This Fool’, now is the time to hop on it! Everybody plays the fool, sometimes—this time…well…seemingly all the time, it’s Julio’s turn. Julio Lopez would bend over backward for to help just about anyone. His efforts to uplift his community, reevaluate his relationships and live life to the fullest make for an interesting touch to television, today.

Secret Headquarters (Watch on Paramount +)

When a kid finds a powerful superhero’s lair hidden underneath his house, he also finds himself in the position to must protect it against villains.

Five Days at Memorial (Watch on Apple TV+)

This drama miniseries chronicles the impact of Hurricane Katrina on a hospital in New Orleans. In the grave wake of the tragedy, exhausted caregivers have to make choices that will greatly affect the rest of their lives and the lives of their patients.


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