What to Watch This Weekend

From Arkansas to Zamunda to Kumandra- we've got your weekend entertainment covered!

Anyone else feeling the urge to travel right now? You’re certainly not alone! After a year of being stuck at home due to the pandemic, we’d hop on a plane faster than you can say “Happy Birthday Tommy Tune!”

Sadly, we cannot offer you free airfare and would recommend that you hold off on travel until we reach greater herd immunity. We CAN, however, offer some movie recommendations that will give you a change of scene from… you know- your couch and Zoom calls.

Here’s what’s poppin’!


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From writer/director Lee Isaac Chung, this film tells the story of a Korean American family making a new start for themselves in Arkansas. Amidst the challenges of their new life, they discover the resilience of family and what really makes a home. Beautifully shot with knockout performances, “Minari” won Best Foreign Film at the Globes and is sure to be an awards contender moving forward.

Coming 2 America

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Nostalgia alert! Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall are back, reprising their roles in this long-awaited sequel to their 1988 comedy blockbuster. The movie tells the story of the king of Zamunda and his trusted confidante who embark on a journey across the world to Queens, New York. Reviews have indicated that this seems to be less of a sequel and more of a remake with some fresh faces. That being said- if you loved the original, you’re in for a treat!


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“Moxie” tells the story of a high school girl who, inspired by her mother’s rebellious past, takes matters into her own hands and tries to put an end to the sexist behavior that she witnesses at school. Oh yeah, it also is directed and co-stars Amy Poehler! A heartwarming, feminist story, this movie will have you drawing hearts and stars onto your hands and wanting to join in the revolution!

Raya and The Last Dragon

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Turns out that Raya is FAR more than just a dating app for verified people on Instagram! Set in the fictional world of Kumandra, this movie tells the story of a female warrior who must track down the last dragon in order to stop an evil force from taking over the world. Critics have been calling this one of Disney’s best animated features to date and it serves as another entry in the Disney canon that strives to redefine what we think of as a “princess.”

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