What to Watch This Weekend

Your weekend viewing is all right here in black and white. (Alright, we threw in some color for you too!) Here's what's poppin'!


Watch on Netflix and in Theaters

This black-and-white movie stars Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga and tells the story of two Black friends from childhood who reconnect later in life in 1920s New York. They come to realize just how starkly different their lives have become due to the fact that Negga’s character is able to pass for white. The film marks the directorial debut of Rebecca Hall and has already been praised as being one of the best movies of the year. This is one you’re not going to want to pass on!


Watch in Theaters

Written and directed by Kenneth Branagh, “Belfast” follows Branagh’s own coming-of-age amidst the social and political tumult of Northern Ireland in the 1960s. The film is already being discussed as the frontrunner for this year’s Best Picture winner at the Oscars and it’s no surprise as to why. Yes, the film has plenty of riots, but where it shines most is when it looks inward at home and highlights the universal themes of love and loss.


Watch on Netflix

With a $200 million budget, this movie is reportedly Netflix’s most expensive original project ever! With a cast led by A-listers like Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds, the price tag begins to make a bit more sense. But does the quality of the movie match the cost? (We’ll just have to find out via your reactions on PopViewers!) This is an action/comedy that follows an Interpol agent as they attempt to track down and stop the world’s most wanted art thief. It sounds like plenty of entertainment value to capture us!

Further Viewing:


Paul Rudd and Will Ferrell star as a psychiatrist and patient in this miniseries. What starts as a normal relationship between a doctor and his patient soon begins to morph into an incredibly exploitative situation. The series is based on a true story that was documented in a true-crime podcast of the same name!

ADELE: ONE NIGHT ONLY (Watch on CBS Sunday at 8:30 pm)

You KNOW that we are here for a primetime Oprah interview with British royalty! This time, Winfrey is sitting down for an exclusive interview with Adele. The special will also feature performances from the singer of both her classic hits as well as  some of the new songs off of her upcoming album!

YELLOWJACKETS (Watch on Showtime)

Think “Lost” but with a high school girls soccer team! This is a survival epic meets coming-of-age story meets phycological thriller! Let’s just say that things turn Lord of the Flies super quickly!

SOUTH SIDE: Season 2 (Watch on HBO Max)

This comedy series follows two down-on-their-luck friends in Chicago who are striving to become venture capitalists while they work their day jobs. Similar to the outstanding “The Other Two,” this is a show that was on Comedy Central for Season One and has now been picked up by HBO.

MAYOR PETE (Watch on Amazon Prime)

This documentary follows Pete Buttigieg as he runs as the first openly gay candidate for the President of the United States. Although Buttigieg obviously lost the race, this film provides an inside look at what actually goes on during a presidential campaign.

PARIS IN LOVE (Watch on Peacock)

Paris Hilton is heading to the altar and you’re invited to follow every step. We’re sliving for this one!

CLIFFORD THE BIG RED DOG (Watch on Paramount+ and Theaters)

Not gonna lie- CGI Clifford looks… kind of scary? But once you get beyond that, prepare yourself for all of the heart and charm that you’d expect from the beloved Scholastic book character, Clifford. This is definitely one that will please the kids!

HOME SWEET HOME ALONE (Watch on Disney+)

The reboots keep rolling in! While his family is away in Japan, young Max Mercer must protect his home from a married couple who have their eyes set on stealing a priceless heirloom. This is another great one to show the kids or watch yourself to bask in the nostalgia of the original!

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