What to Watch This Weekend

From superheroes to the Scottish play, there's something for everyone this weekend! Here's what's poppin'-


Watch on The CW

One of our personal superheroes, Ava DuVernay, brings this new teenage superhero series to The CW. When a supernatural event shakes her small town, Naomi, a comic book-loving teen, sets out to discover its origins. In the process, she discovers her own superpowers. This is as much of a superhero story as it is about a young, Black, teenage woman who is coming of age and discovering power within herself. Forget Superman- we’re now officially Naomi stans!


Watch on Apple TV+

Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand star as Lord and Lady Macbeth in Joel Coen’s adaptation of this Shakespearean classic. The story has been streamlined into a 105-minute long screenplay, but critics thus far have not left feeling shortchanged. This is a visual tour de force led by two of the finest actors that we have working today. If you’re a fan of art movies, this is likely one that you need no convincing from us to watch.


Watch in Theaters

Put on your mask and head to the theaters for this one! (Just be careful what type of mask you wear- unless you want to purposefully terrify your fellow theatergoers!) 25 years after the town of Woodsboro, California was terrified by a streak of brutal murders, a new killer has come to town with the goal of digging up secrets from the town’s deadly past. Does the franchise still succeed in maintaining its edge? We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the app!

Further Viewing:


NYC cabaret/comedy darling Bridget Everett finally gets her big breakout role in this new HBO series about a small-town woman dealing with loss and acceptance who finds freedom through her voice. It’s a low-key comedy that seems destined to delight. If you’re not onboard the Bridget Everett train yet, you’re going to want to get your ticket soon- our bet is that it’s an express train to stardom.

CHEER: Season 2 (Watch on Netflix)

The cheerleading squad from Navarro is back for more! Viewers can still expect all of the drama, sweat, tears, and inspirational speeches from Coach Monica that made people first fall in love with this show. But this season also deals with the aftermath of the fame that these students experienced after season one aired. It’s a fascinating study of reality television fame that is rarely actually captured by cameras. Who will take the Daytona crown? You’ll have to watch to find out!


Sometimes you’ve gotta kill a few people to achieve true peace. At least that’s the basic premise of this The Suicide Squad spin-off series starring John Cena. This one should definitely satisfy fans of superhero series.

RAY DONOVAN: THE MOVIE (Watch on Showtime)

After being unceremoniously canceled, Ray Donovan returns for a showdown decades in the making. Hopefully, this movie send-off should satisfy the show’s fans and provide a sense of closure for this long-running crime drama series.

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