What to Watch This Weekend

TGIF! You made it through another week- treat yourself by binging on this week's hottest new content.


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Hey now, hey now- this is what dreams are made of! (For fans of “How I Met Your Mother,” that is!) In this gender-swapped reboot, Hilary Duff is searching for the father of her children just like Barney Stinson. This is all told via future Hilary Duff (played by Kim Cattrall) over video conference in the year 2050. Don’t worry, we’re confused too. But, hey, if you were a fan of the original show, this concept might just be crazy enough to work! We await your reactions on the app. Just do us a favor and don’t wait until 2050!

OZARK: Season 4 Part 1

Watch on Netflix

If you think your family drama is stressful, you’ve clearly never met the Byrdes. Jason Bateman and Laura Linney star in this incredibly popular Netflix crime thriller which is now entering its final season. In the first half of the season, which drops this week, the pair finds themselves trying to survive as they not only continue to launder money but also as they try to sneak cartel boss, Omar Navarro, into America. Will they make it out of this season unscathed? We can’t wait to watch and find out.


Watch on Prime Video

Break out the tissues! This series comes from the creator of “Parenthood” and “Friday Night Lights” so you know it’s bound to hit you right in the feels! It tells the story of three roommates on the autism spectrum navigating life in their early 20s. It’s a story that you rarely see told on television, but one that deserves to be heard. We can’t wait.

Further Viewing:


If you’ve had the pleasure of reading Michelle Obama’s memoir, “Becoming”, you’re well aware of the many gems of wisdom that the former first lady has to impart. In this special, Mrs. Obama discusses the lessons covered in her memoir with a group of college students from around the country in a conversation moderated by Yara Shahidi.

TOO HOT TO HANDLE: Season 3 (Watch on Netflix)

With much of the country currently experiencing bitter cold temperatures, who are we to judge if you choose to entertain yourself with some “steamy” new content. In this reality show, a group of incredibly attractive singles arrives at a tropical destination with the goal of finding love. The catch, however, is that none of them can kiss or have sex. Who will remain celibate and win $100,000? Let’s just say after two years of living through a global pandemic, we’re waiting for our checks!

BILLIONS: Season 6 (Watch on Showtime)

Season Six of this hit show about corruption, wealth, and influence kicks off this weekend! In this season, Corey Stoll is taking over for Damian Lewis as the character going head to head with Chuck Rhoades. If you’re into filthy rich people delivering fast-paced dialogue in exquisitely beautiful rooms- this is the show for you.


Are there stories in your life that you think would make a good TV show because of how ridiculous they are?!? In this show, Ed Helms and Randall Park make those dreams come true by reenacting crazy true stories alongside some incredible comedian friends of theirs.

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