What to Watch This Weekend

There is nothing like a dame! From Maggie Smith, to Angelyne, to RuPaul- this weekend is for the girls! Here's what's poppin'!


Watch in Theaters

Downton is headed down to the South of France to uncover the mystery behind the Dowager Countess’ inherited villa. It is this sort of seemingly meaningless drama that permeates Julian Fellowes’ big-screen extension of his hit television series. But at a time when there is so much drama in the world, perhaps a drip to Downton is just what the doctor ordered. It is a soapy and utterly charming escape from reality that should more than satisfy fans of the television series who are longing for a check-in with the show’s memorable cast of characters.


Watch on Peacock

For those unfamiliar, Angelyne is a Los Angeles personality and icon who rose to fame in the 80s after a series of billboards of her in suggestive poses were posted around town. Essentially, she was the first influencer who found fame simply by being famous. In this five-episode miniseries, Emmy Rossum transforms into the blonde “Billboard Queen” in this fascinating examination of the culture of fame.


Watch on Paramount+

They’re all winners, baby! And no, we’re not pulling some “you’re a winner just for playing the game” con. This season of Drag Race is quite literally made up of all former winners from past seasons of the show. So you just KNOW that competition is going to be fierce! Shea Couleé, Jaida Essence Hall, Yvie Oddly, Trinity the Tuck, Monét x Change, Jinkx Monsoon, Raja, and The Vivienne all compete for the crown (again) in this epic battle to claim a place in Drag Race herstory.

Further Viewing:

NIGHT SKY (Watch on Prime Video)

Sissy Spacek and J.K. Simmons star in this sci-fi family drama about a couple who have a secret chamber in their backyard that can teleport them to a deserted planet. When a mysterious man appears through the portal, his presence begins to expose fault lines in the couple’s personal lives and the world at large.

LOVE ON THE SPECTRUM U.S. (Watch on Netflix)

The Australian version of “Love on the Spectrum” took the world by storm by actually being a dating show that had actual heart. Now the series is all about dating on the autism spectrum is coming to America with all of its charm intact.

NOW & THEN (Watch on Apple TV+)

This bilingual (Spanish and English) thriller tells the story of a group of college best friends whose celebratory weekend ends with one of them dead. Now, 20 years later, the friends are reunited by a threat that puts their seemingly perfect lives at risk.


No, this documentary is not about Elon’s recent media circus of purchasing Twitter. Rather, it’s an investigation into Musk’s pursuit of self-driving technology and the tragic results that have gone unreported until now.

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