What to Watch This Weekend

From streaming to beyond! There's plenty of new content to keep you entertained this weekend. Here's what's poppin'!


Watch in Theaters

To infinity and beyond! In this Buzz Lightyear origin story, everyone’s favorite action figure embarks on an intergalactic adventure alongside Izzy, Mo, Darby, and his robot companion, Sox, to tackle his most ambitious mission yet. If you have a kid, prepare to be asked to play this one for light years to come. Just don’t ask Patricia Heaton about this one.


Watch on Apple TV+

This year’s Audience Award winner at the Sundance Film Festival comes to Apple TV+ this weekend. The film stars writer-director Cooper Raiff as a recent college grad who works as a party-starter at bar-mitzvahs. It’s there where he strikes up a unique friendship with a young woman (Dakota Johnson) and her neuroatypical daughter. The last time Apple acquired a Sundance festival favorite, it turned into this year’s Best Picture winner at the Oscars. Could a similar fate await this film?


Watch on Prime Video

It wouldn’t be summer without a teenage summer love dramedy to become obsessed over. Based on Jenny Han’s New York Times bestselling book, the series tells the story of a girl named Belly who vacations with her family at a beach house every summer. This summer, however, is different than any other year before. It is this year in which she experiences her first love, heartbreak, and everything that comes in between. Point us to the beach — we’re in.


SPIDERHEAD (Watch on Netflix)

Chris Hemsworth stars in this movie as a visionary who runs a penitentiary in which inmates take mind-altering drugs in exchange for a reduced sentence. While this seems like a great idea at first — no cells, no jumpsuits, no bars… it soon begins to come clear that there is something much darker at play. The movie is based on a short story originally published in The New Yorker by George Saunders.

CIVIL: BEN CRUMP (Watch on Netflix)

Perfectly timed for Juneteenth, this documentary follows a year in the life of civil rights attorney Ben Crump who has represented clients including the families of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

HALFTIME (Watch on Netflix)

This documentary follows J.Lo as she prepares for her Super Bowl halftime show. Our hips are lying right down on the couch for this one!

LOVE, VICTOR: Season 3 (Watch on Hulu and Disney+)

Pride month programming continues with the third season of “Love, Victor.” And what would a third season be without a little love triangle? We can’t wait to see how this one plays out!

THE OLD MAN (Watch on FX)

Jeff Bridges stars in this series about a former CIA agent who is forced to have his past after he becomes the target of an assassination attempt. Bridges co-stars include John Lithgow, Alia Shawkat, and Amy Brenneman. Spoiler alert- this old man isn’t going down without a fight!

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